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    About Us

    Our founder, Tyla, a Primary School Teacher living in Auckland, New Zealand, had been using manual Bamboo Toothbrushes for many years. This was until the beginning of 2020 when she decided to make the switch to an Electric Toothbrush because her manual Toothbrush just wasn’t cutting it in terms of getting a great clean. With the hard decision between having good oral health or being environmentally friendly, she thought there must be another option. She set on a search to see if there was even such a thing as an Electric Toothbrush with environmentally friendly heads, and with no luck was forced to choose one or the other. This left her feeling disappointed and guilty about her new oral hygiene routine.


    Fast forward to 2021, Tyla decided to start up her own small business and joined an online business course. She began her search for a winning product idea knowing she wanted to do something in the health and beauty industry that was environmentally friendly. One afternoon on a walk with her partner’s Mother, Sister, and Nephew they bounced around some ideas. As they walked back up the drive to the house still stumped on an idea, Brooke, her partners sister, mentioned always wanting an Electric Toothbrush, but never actually buying one herself because she didn’t like the idea of having to throw the brush heads in the rubbish. Tyla remembered back to when she had this same thought and instantly fell in love with the idea.


      From here Tyla began her research, determined to make this work. After finding a manufacturer who had the same beliefs and ideas around a more sustainable future that did not jeopardise oral health, Sustainable Shine was born. Now in partnership, we aim to help others feel more confident and proud of their oral hygiene routine. Ensuring we provide products that promote great oral health and lower our individual impact on the environment.


    For Sustainable Shine, this is just the beginning of our journey to a more sustainable future. We continue to look for better more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials to make our products with while ensuring we help keep a high standard of oral health. To us it is not one or the other, we aim to provide sustainability and efficiency always. No longer do we have to choose between good oral health or a positive environmental impact. Our Eco-friendly Electric Toothbrush Kit will help you reduce your dental waste by up to 95% and help you achieve clean and fresh breath you can be proud of. 

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